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Prices do NOT include tax, 5% GST on all services, 7% PST also on coatings and polishing will be added
the PST is Government tax policy, makes no sense but thats the government for ya
These are Base prices, additional charges may apply depending on condition of vehicle

Prices are based on size of vehicle and condition
Winter Prep Package


  • Full manual and chemical decon to remove any Surface contaminants, IE fall out brake dust sap

  • 6 month ceramic sealant hand applied

  • Front windows coated in a 6 month SiO2 coating

  • basic interior, vaccuum windows and light wipe down

This is a package to protect your paint for the winter months and to help keep the clear coat in good condition

2-3 Hours


  • Exterior wash

  • Full vacuum and carpet blow out

  • All panels, trim, cup holders, are wiped down wth light scrubbing on main areas

  • Rubber inserts removed and cleaned

  • All windows and mirrors cleaned

  • Light stains and spills cleaned

  • Air freshener


  • Glove box/center console storage

  • Spare tire area

  • Heavy stains / pet hair

The Clean & Detail is for the inbetween vehcile, not neglicted but not in great shape


all add ons are available

Clean Detail Shampo
6-8 Hours


  • Clean and Detail package PLUS

  • Glove box, center console emptied cleaned and organized

  • Spare tire area if applicable

  • Shampoo carpets and seats

-charges for major spills stains may apply

  • Leather condition on all leather
  • Headliner/visor clean

The  Deep Clean & Detail is for work trucks, kid carriers, vehicles never been properly cleaned and detailed


all add ons are available


Engine Bay Detailing $49+ / Dog Hair Removal $49+ / Headliner Cleaning $49+ / Leather Conditioning $39 per Row

Exterior Plastic Refurbishing $49+ / Odor Control Ozone treatment $49+ / Clay Bar $49+ / Steam Cleaning Disinfection $99


Exterior Wash

Starting $35

Wash & Wax


Includes exterior manual and chemical decontamination so the wax will bond correctly

Hand applied Satin Creme Sealer Wax

Carnuba wax for deep gloss with Acrylic Polmers for lasting protection (3-6 months)

Basic interior: window, light vaccuum, front end wipe down


Complete In/Out

Starting $349-399

  • Pre rinse

  • Hand wash

  • Hand dried

  • Rims/Tires cleaned

  • Tire Shine

Additional charges for excessive bugs, mud, algae build up

  • clean detail shampoo package

  • exterior decontamination

  • stage 1 polish




  • Basic Wash

  • Light vacuum

  • Front end wipe down

  • Main windows cleaned

  • Tire shine

  • Air freshener

ONLY AVAILABLE to vehicles we have completed a Clean and Detail package on in the prior 3 months


regular customers who we see on a monthly basis

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