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Prices do NOT include tax, 5% GST on all services, 7% PST also on coatings and polishing will be added
the PST is Government tax policy, makes no sense but thats the government for ya
These are Base prices, additional charges may apply depending on condition of vehicle
mold, bodily fluids, pet hair, sand, glitter, stains, algae,

Prices are based on size of vehicle and condition
Full interior


  • Basic wash

  • Vacuum and blow out of carpets seats and floor mats

  • Pre-treat and hot water extraction of carpets and seats

  • Proper Leather cleaner and conditioner on suitable leather

  • Proper interior cleaning solutions used to scrub/wipe/clean all plastics and trims

  • windows cleaned

Pretty much everything but  the headliner (spot clean not full clean) and engine bay get done in this package

The Detail


  • Basic wash

  • Vacuum and blow out of carpets seats and floor mats

  • Interior plastic and trim wiped down with detail solution to add a natural finish adding UV protection

  • light scrubbing in front main areas

  • Windows cleaned

Ideal for maintenance or vehicles that just need that touch up, shine and fresh smell

Winter Protection Package


  • Full Exterior Decon wash

  • Interior Detail

  • 1-step polish

  • 12 month ceramic protection

Protection from the winter elements with a full exterior decontamination wash and  1-step polish then a 12 month ceramic protection, including a interior detail

Ideal for well used vehicles during the winter months


Engine Bay Detailing $49+ / Dog Hair Removal $49+ / Headliner Cleaning $49+ / Leather Conditioning $39 per Row

Exterior Plastic Refurbishing $49+ / Odor Control Ozone treatment $49+ / Clay Bar $49+ / Steam Cleaning Disinfection $99



WASH pricing depends on the size, condition, heavy bug,iron contamination

tar, sap, mold, among other things will effect the price

Basic Wash


  • pre rinse

  • foam soak

  • hand wash

  • rims/tires cleaned

  • hand dried



Ideal for decent condition vehicles or those who regulary use drive thru car washes


Proper Wash
  • pre foam soak

  • pressure wash

  • re foam & hand wash

  • rims tires cleaned

  • hand/air dried

  • Si02 sealant



Ideal for well maintained/taken care of vehicles to keep a clean aperance with light protection

Wash & Wax


Includes exterior manual and chemical decontamination so the wax will bond correctly

Hand applied Satin Creme Sealer Wax

Carnuba wax for deep gloss with Acrylic Polymers for lasting protection (3-6 months)

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