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Prices do NOT include tax, 5% GST on all services, 7% PST also on coatings and polishing will be added
the PST is Government tax policy, makes no sense but thats the government for ya
These are Base prices, additional charges may apply depending on condition of vehicle
mold, bodily fluids, pet hair, sand, glitter, stains, algae,

Prices are based on size of vehicle and condition
Full interior


The Detail


Pre Sale Package



Engine Bay Detailing $49+ / Dog Hair Removal $49+ / Headliner Cleaning $49+ / Leather Conditioning $39 per Row

Exterior Plastic Refurbishing $49+ / Odor Control Ozone treatment $49+ / Clay Bar $49+ / Steam Cleaning Disinfection $99



Basic Wash:   rinse, foam, hand wash, hand dry, basic rim cleaning and tire shine  $25-$50

Basic Wash



Proper Wash
Wash & Wax


Includes exterior manual and chemical decontamination so the wax will bond correctly

Hand applied Satin Creme Sealer Wax

Carnuba wax for deep gloss with Acrylic Polymers for lasting protection (3-6 months)

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