Polishing is subject to GST and PST
Prices are basic starting prices

All polishing jobs include a full detail wash including full decontamination (iron x and clay barr)

Vehicles must be seen before booking to under stand the customers expectations and see the condition of the clearcoat.  Some imperfections such as bird poop or sap etchings may not be able to be removed.  we will go over the vehicle with a full explanation of what can and can not be corrected.  Currently we do not offer wet sanding, as my experience is very limited with it.

1-Step polsih
Cut Polishing

This is a basic polish that can remove 30-60% of light swirl marks lighten deeper scratches and leave an amazing gloss to the vehicle

From 8' away will look good but on a closer look and inspection many imperfections will still show

$299 / $399 / $449

This is a process that will remove deeper scratches and imperfections, using either a 2 or 3 step process of heavy cutting medium cutting then final polish

Depending on customers expectations and condition of vehicle results can vary

$449 / $549 /$599