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$49 windshield only

$149 all windows


GlassParency's Glass Treatment is a chemical formulated to make your glass water repellent, more durable, easier to clean, and optically clearer

Unlike wax-based or topical coatings for rain, GlassParency is engineered to react to the silica within glass, creating a durable chemical bond unmatched by the competition

Every professionally installed glass treatment comes with a 3-year product warranty that covers re-application and maintenance.

What it means to be ultra-hydrophobic

Hydrophobicity is measured by the angle that a water droplet attaches to horizontal glass. Water lays on untreated glass at an angle of approximately 12° to 15°, aka flat. When glass is treated with GlassParency, water lays at an angle of 60° to 115°! This is what causes water to look like beads that roll right off when it comes in contact with treated glass.

Seasonal maintenance will ensure peak product performance over time. Every GlassParency automotive application is backed by our 3-year product warranty which covers seasonal visits to your Authorized Installer for maintenance and re-application if the product isn't performing as it should.

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