The GP Graphene Coating is our longest-lasting, professional-grade exterior coating. We've infused our Ceramic Coating with Graphene, resulting in better performance and ease of application.

By combining the insane durability of Ceramic with Graphene, you'll get extended working time during the application process due to a longer cure time, extended longevity, and increased resistance to water spotting and bird droppings by improved dispersion of heat on the coated surface. 


  • Unmatched Hydrobicity

  • Enhanced Durability

  • Reduced Water Spotting Compared to traditional Ceramics

  • Acts as a "sacrificial" layer that takes the beating of daily abuse to protect your paint

  • Apply multiple layers for increased protection

  • Multi-Surface Application (Paint, Carbon Fiber)

  • Extreme Slickness and Gloss


 Product Durability: 

  • 2 Layers: 5+ Years

  • We recommend seasonal maintenance using the Boost Multi-Use Sealant to maintain product durability

Pricing includes decontamination wash, and 2 coats or GP Graphene coating on all exterior paint, GP windshield coating,  stage 1 polishing , vehicle must be pre inspected to determine condition of paint and what steps are needed for paint correction and what customers expectations are.  additional correction/polishing can cost anywhere from $299-$799,

Vehicle will be required for minimum 36 hours to allow product to cure

4 door cars /2 door trucks $699

4 door trucks/ mid size SUV $799

Lifted/dully/f-350/ Yukon XL/ vans $899

Motor Bikes starting $299

plus 5%gst and 7%pst